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We couldn’t celebrate our 5th birthday without throwing a PARTY! Our newest Super Shock formula is a party in a pot! Introducing Super Shock EXTREMES!

We started with our OG Super Shock formula, mixed it with every pearl and pigment in our lab, then injected it with multidimensional glitters. The result? Marbled, tie-dye, extra dimensional magic. Each shade is handmade and hand-pressed, so no two shades are alike.

Party Party - vibrant hot pink with purple sparkles and copper multidimensional glitter
Party Cloudy - warm yellow with blue sparkle and yellow glitter
Can't Party Wait - baby pink with multidimensional sparkle and orange glitter
Sorry for Partyin' - blackened teal with blue sparkle and purple glitter
Party Plan - Warm taupe with multidimensional copper/ gold glitter
Party Shop - warm pink with blue sparkle and yellow glitter

Our OG Super Shock formula got turned up to the extreme! Our revolutionary créme powder, uniquely bouncy formula was mixed with every pearl and pigment and injected with multidimensional glitters to create an insane party in a pot. Handmade and hand-pressed - no two shades are alike.

Finish Tie Dye Glitter

Net Weight 6 x 1.80g / (0.063oz)