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35 shades to change your world

This is an all-in-one palette with a beautiful mix of matte and shimmery finishes for those who love those warm bronze, plum and peachy shades. It has everything you need to blend, transition and highlight with gorgeous shimmers to create eye looks that are anything but ordinary.

(Finish: matte and shimmer)


ROW 1:

  • Buff (matte antique lace)
  • Half & Half (matte almond crème)
  • Ready (matte almost apricot)
  • Gown (seashell pink sheen)
  • Bridal (sandy blush sheen)
  • Sand (cinnamon cookie sheen)
  • Prime (shimmering frosted champagne)

ROW 2: 

  • Value (gilded cocoa shimmer)
  • Boy Bye (shimmering golden haze)
  • Link (matte creamy cocoa)
  • Last Call (matte toasted pumpkin)
  • Petal (cupcake pink sheen)
  • Fading (matte chai latte)
  • Fascinating (metallic copper fire)

 ROW 3: 

  • Rosie (shimmering pink grapefruit)
  • Vows (candied tangerine shimmer)
  • Hushing (peony pink shimmer)
  • Romantic (royal purple shimmer)
  • Wifey (shimmering sunset rose)
  • I Love You (shimmering plum brandy)
  • Bells (shimmering stormy silver)

 ROW 4: 

  • Russet (matte amaretto)
  • Bay (shimmering mulled cider)
  • Pledge (shimmering spiced clove)
  • Newly (shimmering bronze)
  • Gentle (matte mocha with sparkle)
  • Dahlia (shimmering black plum)
  • Hitch (wild violet sheen)

 ROW 5: 

  • Knot (metallic blazing bronze)
  • Untainted (matte nutmeg crème)
  • Toasty (matte rosewood)
  • Appraise (matte driftwood)
  • Wedlock (matte ripe blackberry)
  • Tie (matte smoke with sparkle)
  • Lace (matte jet black)