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Grand glimmers and mighty mattes, a stunning shade line up to sculpt, shimmer, and shine this holiday season.

(Finish: matte and shimmer)



Row 1:

Power On/ pale pink

Make It Pop/ pale pink shimmer

Prep Werk/ almond shimmer

Eyes Wide Strut/ dark rose shimmer

Awe Ready/ rose pin

Double Take/ deep peach

Freshen Up/ peach


Row 2:

Born to Stun/ fawn shimmer

Glam Room/ peach sherbet.

Chic Yeah/ deep pink with gold shimmer

Grab Attention/ deep pink

Big Pretty/ brown-pink shimmer

Beauty Secret/ golden brown

Grand Entrance/ bronze shimmer.


Row 3:

Super Smize/ medium brown with gold shimmer

Live Large/ brick with gold shimmer

Mirror Check/ dusty dark pink

Very Merry/ pale cold shimmer

Going Somewhere/ matte brown

Boom Out/ dark coral

Bling to Life/ mahogany shimmer


Row 4:

Vanity Hour/ tan

This Is Major/ burnt sienna shimmer

Volume Up/ chestnut

Megawatt Hot/ brown with gold shimmer

So Gorg/ dark chestnut

Wowza/ dark chestnut with gold shimmer

Total Inspo/ reddish brown.


Row 5:

All Luxe/ petal pink shimmer.

Badonka Bling/ chocolate brown shimmer

Epic Edge/ chocolate brown

Shazam/ reddish brown shimmer

Places to Whoa/ charcoal mauve

Matte Max/ deep plum

Smoke Show/ dark chocolate brown


Dimensions of Palette: Length - 9" / Width - 6" / Thickness - 1/2" / Number of Pans: 35 / Pan Size: 2 1/2" (Net Wt. 56.2g / 1.98oz)