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M. Asam

AQUA INTENSE Hyaluron Augencreme

Dhs. 160.00


M. Asam AQUA INTENSE Hyaluron Eye Cream (30 ml)

The perfume-free and particularly mild hyaluronic eye cream contains valuable silicon and provides your skin with our patented hyaluronic acid complex * intensively moisturized. In addition, it helps to better retain moisture. The silky-soft texture immediately absorbs, gives visibly smoother and firmer skin and visually enhances dryness wrinkles around the eyes. For a visibly fresh and radiant eye area.
The eye cream is also suitable for sensitive, sensitive skin and can be used from a skin age of 20 years.

Perfume-free means that no perfume oil has been incorporated. Only the raw materials used can have a certain odor, which can be perceived as "fragrance". This verfliegt however after the application.

* Our hyaluronic acid complex consists of a combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, encapsulated hyaluronic acid and escin (horse chestnut extract). It provides even deeper skin layers with intense moisture and ensures a wrinkle-free and firm skin.