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Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation - 250 Light Medium Neutral

Dhs. 240.00

250 Light Medium Neutral

Light Medium With Peach Undertones

Finally, a clean foundation for makeup lovers. Infused with 20+ skincare ingredients, this proprietary formula delivers ultra comfortable, longwear performance without compromising your skin. Its weightless, serum-like texture seamlessly blurs and smooths for a natural, luminous finish that wears all day. No slipping or caking. Foundation never felt (or looked) so good.

Using the science of color theory, we obsessively formulated the perfect spectrum of 51 shades across 6 families based on your skin’s depth and undertones. Our shade numbering system (590-000) is based on the pigment load by shade – the higher the number, the higher the pigment load and deeper the shade.

Shade Families


Medium Deep


Light Medium




Rooted in artistry, our undertone system is based on a true color wheel, which may be different from what you are used to. Using this artistry method, our undertones are defined as:

Warm: Pink, rosy or peach tones – When you get warm, your skin gets flushed and red. The veins in your wrist are primarily blue or purple.

Cool: Yellow, golden or olive tones – Your skin tans easily after spending time in the sun. The veins in your wrist are primarily green.

Neutral: Balance of golden + rosy tones – The veins in your wrist are a mix of blue + green.

Fill Weight: 30 ml / 1 fl oz